October 2017
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Three years ago I moved down to Calgary from my hometown Edmonton. I had been a client of Tangerine bank for a number of years before my move, focusing on their low bank fees and high-interest rates. Saving as a student had never been easier. One of the largest criticisms I found that Tangerine received was that there were no branches, and even some of the millennials seemed to have a hard time reconciling this. When I moved down to Calgary one of my first orders of business was to go and check out the Tangerine Café on 6th Ave. I was greeted by pleasant staff and, a warm cup of coffee and lots of orange swag. The Tangerine café has never felt like a bank to me, and over these past three years I’ve attended events at the café more times than I have gone in to do banking. Read more »

Our mind can play funny tricks on us, and weird things can happen that we don’t always understand we are falling trap too. We fall into a false sense of security which can mean making less than ideal decisions… and having too high of a bank balance can be one trap that causes you to spend beyond your means!

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My sweet friend had a baby this fall and my dearest friend suggested that I should most definitely write something on the topic of RESP’s. Post-secondary costs are increasing constantly. What it cost me to go to University will not be what it costs my sweet children to attend. As Canadians, we are lucky that Post-Secondary has not jumped to the astronomical rates they have in the States, but it still costs a pretty penny. The fact that the average Canadian student is saddled with $30,000 in student loan debt is a huge burden to bear as a newly minted grad.

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At the ripe old age of 20 I started investing. At first, it was kinda scary, but I’m glad I took the small steps I did in in order to gain comfort with investing. Six years later I can say that starting to invest when I was in my early twenties was the best thing I could have ever done. Setting up my nest egg, albeit small at first has allowed me to grow my wealth and reap the rewards of a bolstering portfolio.

You need to start investing, right now! If you’re confused about where to start, remember that you aren’t alone. Acknowledgement is the first step!

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No Avocados were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

A couple weeks ago the internet blamed the lack of millennials in the housing market on our frivolous spending habits. We spend our hard earned dollars on avocado toast which can sometimes cost us $15+, and that’s the reason we can’t afford to buy a home. While $15 toast might seem like a lot to some, giving up this glutinous breakfast delight isn’t going to magically mean you have enough for a down payment on a home. The boomer generation seems to think millennials are terrible with their money and they waste all of it on avocado toast and lattes… but the truth of the matter is that when they were our age they probably had their own version of the avocado toast! Not to mention that homes were far more affordable. Read more »

There is an increasing push towards more regulation in the financial adviser space, and rightfully so! Far too often Canadians look to ‘the experts’ for help and find out months or even years down the line that the investments that were suggested to them don’t fit their risk profile at all. Financial advisers have recently received a ton of backlash, employees feel forced to sell to unknowing customers, just to hit their sales targets. With the media blowing up about these advisers Canadians seem unsure of who to turn to. Financial advisers can be a great asset to your wealth building team, but you have to be able to find the right one! To do so, while tedious, it’s important to interview a number of advisers to find the one that is the right fit for you. Read more »