Three years ago I moved down to Calgary from my hometown Edmonton. I had been a client of Tangerine bank for a number of years before my move, focusing on their low bank fees and high-interest rates. Saving as a student had never been easier. One of the largest criticisms I found that Tangerine received was that there were no branches, and even some of the millennials seemed to have a hard time reconciling this. When I moved down to Calgary one of my first orders of business was to go and check out the Tangerine Café on 6th Ave. I was greeted by pleasant staff and, a warm cup of coffee and lots of orange swag. The Tangerine café has never felt like a bank to me, and over these past three years I’ve attended events at the café more times than I have gone in to do banking.

Between book launches, networking events, and our own little personal finance shindig I planned at the café I’ve had nothing but amazing, neighborly experiences at the café. Heck, I’ve even gone for lunch with staff of the café, only actually going in once to deposit a US dollar cheque.

Alas, Calgary’s downtown scene tends to die down once 6pm strikes on any given weekday, and if you aren’t by the river, there is nothing going on in the core during the weekend. Which is why I’m so excited to share with you exciting news that the Calgary Café is moving to 17th Ave!

With the opportunity for more foot traffic, I’m so excited to see Tangerine move and expand their reach to more Calgarians that are just looking to save more money!  Over the years I’ve saved thousands in bank fees and earned even more in interest and referrals. Tangerine is the only bank I’ve ever stood 100% behind. I’ve met their former CEO, flown out for the announcement of their name change, spoke at their events, and met incredible staff that really just want to help Canadians make their hard earned dollars work for them.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out what Tangerine is all about I highly encourage it, and if you are one of those individuals that needs to go and talk to someone about your money then head on down to the café on 17th Ave and chat with their fabulous staff.

In addition to Tangerine offering no-fee banking, and interest rates on your chequings account they have become involved with a number of organizations within Calgary; giving back to their community. Young Women in Business, United Way of Calgary, Boys & Girls Club of Calgary, Community Kitchen Program of Calgary, YW Calgary and Junior Achievement are all organizations that Tangerine prides themselves in giving back to.

At the end of the day choosing a bank that doesn’t charge unfair fees, gives you interest rates that help your money grow, and gives back to the community feels good. Growing your wealth by choosing a socially responsible organization is the right way to vote with your dollar. So, come check out the grand opening with me on the 14th of September from 1-5pm., I promise it won’t disappoint!

Where: 1002 17th Ave SW Calgary, AB

When: 1-5 PM September 14th, 2017