September 2017
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Month: September 2017

Three years ago I moved down to Calgary from my hometown Edmonton. I had been a client of Tangerine bank for a number of years before my move, focusing on their low bank fees and high-interest rates. Saving as a student had never been easier. One of the largest criticisms I found that Tangerine received was that there were no branches, and even some of the millennials seemed to have a hard time reconciling this. When I moved down to Calgary one of my first orders of business was to go and check out the Tangerine Café on 6th Ave. I was greeted by pleasant staff and, a warm cup of coffee and lots of orange swag. The Tangerine café has never felt like a bank to me, and over these past three years I’ve attended events at the café more times than I have gone in to do banking. Read more »

Our mind can play funny tricks on us, and weird things can happen that we don’t always understand we are falling trap too. We fall into a false sense of security which can mean making less than ideal decisions… and having too high of a bank balance can be one trap that causes you to spend beyond your means!

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