I love yoga, and I really don’t go enough. It’s been an outlet for me for the better part of 4 years. I started attending yoga after I was out of the dance world for a few months, had just ended a relationship and was feeling particularly glum and vulnerable. I walked to a studio that was close to my home and fell in love. Over the years I’ve tried to go to yoga as frequently as possible, sometimes my studies got in the way but I can attest that last summer when I was going 2-3 times per week I was feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.

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However, yoga can also be extremely expensive, drop-ins can range between $12 and $20 and while most studios offer 10 class passes or unlimited monthly class passes, they still end up costing you a fair chunk of change.

If you’re like me and love yoga and you don’t mind switching studios from time to time I have 4 tips for you on how you can make yoga more affordable!

Passport to Prana: The passport to Prana is a great tool you can use to get tons of cheap yoga! It’s available in many different cities around Canada. Essentially you pay $30 for your year long pass and it gives you access to one class at all of the locations available in that city. This is excellent for someone who is just moving to a new city or someone who is just getting into yoga and wants to try out a few places before deciding on a specific one.

Groupon: I frequently check groupon for yoga studios in my area. Before I buy I make sure I check out the studios schedule before I buy the groupon to make sure there enough classes I want to attend. I’ve found some really great deals on classes.

Look for promotions. Many yoga studios have promotions on for new students. Last summer I was able to snag 8 weeks unlimited for $50 at a studio in downtown Calgary. If you’re looking to try yoga for the very first time it can be a very economical way to get yourself into a routine.

Check out community recreation centers. This is my favorite yoga hack and my roommate last summer suggested it to me as we lived right near a rec center. Classes are $5-$6 and they were pretty good. If you’re looking to pick up yoga recreationally this might be a great way to save some coin!

These are my four favorite ways to save money on yoga. It’s getting really trendy, lots of people are doing it, but you don’t always have to pay the huge price tag to take classes! Being in shape and spending money on your health is important but there are definitely frugal ways to do it!

What are some of your favorite ways to do yoga on a budget?