Last summer, when I was working full-time I spent way too much on clothing. Perhaps it was because I was finally working full-time again and I was feeling a bit deprived, maybe it was because I was in a new city and there was so much more going on or it could of just been the fact that I had a lot to deal with. Regardless, my clothing spending was a bit out of control last year and I was hoping to bring it down substantially this year. If you remember I did 120 challenge of not buying any clothing at the beginning of the year, and it was actually a lot easier than I expected. Anyways I’m working part-time this summer, but with a few of my side hustles I’m almost bringing in the equivalent to a full time wage. Since I just spent a ton of time travelling I don’t want to fall off the bandwagon this summer and go out of control on a clothing binge. Being abroad for 6 weeks also showed me how little I actually need to live on. So I’ve decide that I’m going to put a specific amount of money away each month into a savings account that will be used for my wants. Once I have enough in that account for the clothing I want to purchase then I can do so. I’m hoping this will do two things:

  1. Delay gratification and ensure I enjoy the purchases better
  2. Really make myself think before I buy, research to get the best deal and in all honestly hope I fall out of lust with the majority of these items.

I’m hoping to put away $150 a month and purchase to purchase the following 5 items:

  1. New Runners $130 (purchased in June)
  2. Fitbit $100
  3. White Dress Shirt $60
  4. Poppy Barley Ankle Boots (Red) $325
  5. Black flat winter boots $300

Clearly this is really the year of shoe shopping! This year alone I’ve already purchased flats and heels. I purchased my runners in June so and I’m hoping to buy my fitbit this month, my dress shirt in August, my first pair of boots in September and the second in December. My hope is to make extra income above what I have listed in my budget so that I can buy my boots more quickly, since fall boot season starts in about 8 weeks! I’m hoping any extra income I earn will go towards the boots I need! Crazy Alberta Winters are coming! I’m hoping having a plan like this will allow me to stay focused on my saving and not over spending in the clothing category! Wish me luck! How do you purchase the things you need? Do you utilize an account designated for the things you want or just buy as you need?