lceland is a magically island, I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my entire life. Serisouy, it’s so beautiful. It’s beauty is simply remarkable, there is nothing quite like it in the world. One moment you are in snow covered mountains, the next the flat praries and soon after the glorious seaside.

Iceland is something that you need to share with someone, the love of your life perhaps. It’s breathtaking beauty will have you craving more adventure and wanting to go back. We stayed in Reykjavik for 3 days and I have to say it probably wasn’t enough time; we will be back for sure as there is so much of the island left to see!

On the first day of our trip we flew in at 6:30 AM (which is midnight back home) so we were incredibly beat. We checked into our little appartment (we used Airbnb) and it was perfect for us. After we ventured out to eat some breakfast we headed to the Blue Lagoon. If I wasn’t so exhauseted we probably could have stayed in the water all day. 20140504-221808.jpg

I love how blue the water is, it also feels amazing. Protip: don’t put your hair in the water, before you go in wet your entire head and then put gobs of conditioner in and leave it in while you are in the pool. This is the only way to save your hair from the minerals in the water.


Downtown Reykjavik has a quaint little town feel, there is so much to explore and so much beauty hidden in the streets. The whole island in fact has a lot of hidden beauty. On our second day we headed out to Gullfoss which means “golden falls”, and I can see why… it’s absolutely breathtaking.


Day two consisted of driving the entire Golden circle so after Gullfoss we were off to Kerid, a crater that was formed by a collapsing volcano. We were able to walk around the entire crater, and the colors were spectacular. We were even able to walk down to the water where there was a little bench to sit and rest at. 20140504-221832.jpg


Day three consisted of more driving and shockingly I did not get car sick. I think day three was the most breathtaking by far. We found Skogafosss which is a huge waterfall with a rainbow at the bottom. We have some really remarkable picutres from this particular waterfall. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before! 20140504-221853.jpg

On our last night in town we spent some time wandering around, we checkout out the church which is quite stunning if you ask me, I think the architecture is very unique!


Per a recommendations of some friends and some searching on a great Iceland blog, we headed out for a six course Icelandic meal at Tapas Barinn. This meal was very exotic, we had: puffin, minke whale, trout, lamb, lobster and blue ling. I didn’t even know I was eating the whale until half way through (I thought it was lamb) and my god it’s delicious. 20140504-222836.jpg From a personal finance perspective Iceland is extremely expensive. A mojito was $22 Canadian dollars, and mangos are $9. It was interesting for sure to check out the lifestyle of the Icelandic, there is still so much left to see on this island, we will most definitely be back!

Oh, and a shot of this drink came with our meals. It was disgusting and so strong but apartently, the Icelandic used to eat a lot of shark. They didn’t have proper storage so the shark would rot, they created this alcoholic beverage to kill all the bacteria. Yikes! It was pretty strong haha!


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