Bonjour! We are in Paris! I'm serisouly in love with Paris, it's so beautiful and sunny here. I was in Paris for a few days about 6 years ago but I feel like I didn't quite get to appreciate the Parisian culture. So, we are here for 5 days and we are soaking up every moment of beautiful Paris.
We took the train from London to Paris and I have to say I'm jealous I don't live in a country where the public transit is better. Our train ride was extremely comfortable and pleasant, I would argue more pleasant than any flight I've ever been on.
Andrew and I spent the frist two days wandering around a and getting absolutely lost in Paris. We hit some of the major toursity things as quickly as possible as we aren't really into that and attempted to speak french to everyone we possible could.
I love the cafés in Paris they all face outwards so you can sit and people watch. We drank espresso and roamed all over. Boyfriend is wearing his fitbit and we have averaged about 13 to 15 miles each day of walking, which is good because we are eating insane amounts of pasteries.


We went to check out The Museum D'Orsay the first night we arrived (it was closed) but we eventually found the Bridge of Locks which is beautiful but I'm not sure I can get on board with. After further investigation I found out that Parisians actually hate that the tourists do this. It's ruining the bridges in the city and every few months the government has to cut off all the locks and they fall into the river along with the keys people throw in. It's really pretty but I feel like I need to respect the Parisians.

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower, which of course I've seen before but is still completely and utterly breathtaking. I know I sound like a sap but sharing this with the person I love most makes this a completely different experience.

We also checked out the Arc de Triomphe before we met up with our good friend Steven. He trained into Paris from London a day after us, I couldn't be happier that I'm able to share this amazing expereience with my best friend!
On the second night we managed to find an amazing Italian food restaurant (fresh pasta) and bought some cheap champagne, brie, a baguette and fresh strawberries and we made our way to the Eiffel Tower.

We sat there for hours talking, enjoying the company, friendship and beauty of Paris. Seriously, this place is amazing, this trip is my dream come true and while I had my reservations about being away from home for 40 days I can honestly say this is the best thing I've ever done.