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Q1 2014!

Wow time sure does fly! I’m entering my last month of my undergrad, which means no more poor-student.. well I guess come September!

I’d say that my spending this quarter, while a little high on the leisure category was about average for me. In the coming months I’m sure I’ll see that travel category go up, with my big trip planned and everything!

During this quarter I’ve managed to increase my net worth by 24%

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Each quarter I like to take a look at where I’m headed with my annual goals:

My 2014 goals were: 

1. Read 50 books – Currently a bit behind, I’ve read 9.

2. Enjoy my travels and not worry about money on my trip – WIP currently booking things

3. Increase our net worth by $20,000 – This is an increase of 41% and we have currently increased our net worth by 17%!

4. Get our Emergency fund to 50% – Currently at 29%

5. Better ourselves – Always a WIP, but that probably means I should do more yoga

How was your first quarter?