If you missed the pre-amble for my boyfriend and my two-year anniversary (September 11)  gave him his very own “Passport to Love” This was more of a date-day. Each month he opens a new envelope and there is a date planned for us and the theme is a new country each month. Our first date was in September and it was Jamaica.

Our second date night was in October and it was Germany!

This picture really makes me want to go to Germany…. I love travelling and Germany is on my list of places to go….

What we did: – Went to drive German made cars; We went to Volkswagen and BMW. The bf adored BMW, and now I’m not quite sure how we are going to afford one… kidding, we are getting one … yet! – Hit up two new liquor stores on the south side in search of German Beer and Wine – Finished off the night with Wine Club – Which also happened to be German theme (that was really well planned on my part)

(okay, I kinda really want one!)

We had a ton of fun driving fast cars around and it was definitely something he enjoyed a lot!

Looking forward to next month already, China!

What sorts of things do you do on date night? Do you set time aside each month to make sure that you have a date night?