This is a fun year-long series that will be going on for the next year. It all started on September 11th, which was my boyfriend and my two-year anniversairy. I wanted to give him something that was a) within my price range and b) something we could do together (not materialistic). When I stumbled “The Passport to Love” on the Dating Diva’s website, I knew it would be perfect. To check out the series so far click here.

As many of you know I’m obsessed with travelling. I adore it, and right now I have to plan very far in advance (I’m a student you know) to see the wonderful places all aroudn the globe.

Our third date night, which is a place I would love to visit was China!

What we did:

– Ordered chinese food from one of the local restuarants — so good

– Watched a Jackie Chan movie – Rumble in the Bronx

– Make paper lanters – we didn’t get to this

Unfortunately, I was really really sick during this date night and while I would have loved to make paper lanters, I just wanted to sleep. Boyfriend was really understanding and he took care of me all week, and weekend (I was sick for like 9 days).

We are both looking forward to next month, Italy!

What sorts of things have you done with your significant other this month?